Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goob bye Cable TV

Do you have a cable or dish TV provider? I do! I won't for long though. I have a defective piece of equipment and it will take them over a week to repair it. That's what I was told by a very confrontational, barely civil, aloof customer support representative after I was on the wait list for over 25 minutes holding to plead my case for help. She spoke as if I was blessed that she actually had time to listen to me and any suggestion I made was simply ignorant, unfounded grumbling not worthy of her consideration. It started when I mentioned that our connection was cutting in and out. She said: "Well, I can't be blamed for your faulty telephone equipment! I don't know what you expect me to do about that." I asked her if the conversation was being recorded. She said, "Yes it is." I asked if it was OK with her if I recorded it too. She said' "Fine, go ahead." I did. After she calmed down and finally shut up long enough to listen to what the problem appeared to be to me she said that repair may well be necessary and they could manage to work me in in about 7 to 10 days. We talked about it for a while and arrived at a time in 8 days that was convenient for them and me. How nice of her. I stated that I felt they must be tremendously understaffed to have a waiting period that long to repair a long standing, paying customer's problem. She said that was not the case but she could understand from talking to me why I may feel that way. I told her that I felt she was being condescending in her answer. She said she was not but could understand how a person like me would feel that way. I said I felt that comment was also a bit on the sarcastic side but I was exceedingly curious what she meant by, "a person like me." She said, The service rep. will call 15 minutes before they arrive. Is there anything else she can help with and did she answer all of my questions and were her answers helpful. I said that a person like me wasn't sure exactly how to answer that question. She asked if I was done, I said yes. We ended the conversation with that. I am sure that my experience was unusual for a number of reasons. #1, she spoke excellent English. #2 I only waited a little over 25 minutes to get a live person, #3 She spoke as if my being a customer in need of service was not all that important to her or her company. #4 The repair rep. is only taking 8 days to service our problem. #5 They do not offer any discount for disrupted service because it only affects part of my service, not all of it so they don't feel I am all that much inconvenienced. I am probably being petty about the whole thing. But, I figure that anyone that will accept payment of $65 every month for years from someone that is not important enough to service in a timely fashion so they can save money and create more profit for themselves, really doesn't need my business. I own a service business. If I asked my customers to wait a week they'd go away and never come back. I learned from that. I am going to cancel their service, after they fix it, and I won't ever come back. I actually prefer local TV broadcasting anyway. In the past 7 years I have spent $7000 with them. If they don't need it I wish they'd give it back. Now they simply won't get it from me for the next 10 years. How's that for complaining huh?..............................Good bye cable TV!

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