Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wyoming Riddler Treasure Hunt Clue #2

Clue #2 of the 30th annual Wyoming Riddler Silver Treasure Hunt

"Going West of the reclining hoe and South of the snake eye line, you'll need to buck the trend up a smidgen. A rare area to be."

January is always a popular month for people yearning to break out of the holidays with gusto and excercise their minds. From the indications we have the amount of local treasure hunters almost doubles overnight following the New Year celebrations. The medallion has been found in January and the opportunity exists this year for that to happen also. As usual there are some hot spots where a lot of people are looking but no winners yet. Good luck!

Greg's web site The Grand Rapids Press and the Advance Newspapers are great places for background and updates.


john said...

_Cause they are looking in the wrong spot. But I am glad. I know where it is / was but there is too much snow. Interesting to note that all the gas runs through that area and under that bridge. Still can't figure out why people are looking at the museum. The guy that walked right by it and didn't pick it up cause though it was for a scavenger hunt. Wonder what the T.H. instead of S.H. (scavenger hunt) later saw in the paper it stand for Treaurse Hunt should have picked it up that night, bought we left it there thinking it was part of a scavenger hunt game. Imagine us later when we see it in the paper 1 month later that is for the wyoming riddle. Right now the snow and ice is an issue. I just hope noone else picked it up (like we almost did) and doesn't realize what it is. Hopefully it is still there. Even though it is a small area there are too many people that walk by that area everyday. I am gald it is cover in snow right now.

john said...

back there again and again. Starting to wonder if it got snowplowed or if someone picked it up (before all the snow) not realizing what it was that they picked it up. Ummm...guess I go look some more just in case it is still there.

Joe Cramer said...

I, of course John cannot say if you are close or not. I hope you are enjoying your search. I can however tell you that the medallion has not been found. Good Luck..........Joe

Ambassadors of the Light said...

I can't say much either otherwise everyone will know hwere I am searching for my lost mediallion (okay yours). But I will say that I know I am in the right area. So if you wondering who it is that is there but jsut can't get it exact's location, its probably me. For I know I am right on where I am searching because whter others believe it or not we saw it and left it there, later we saw on tv and the newpaper that it was for the wyoming riddler. Should have picked it up but left it there we thought it was for a scavenger hunt. Now we know it was for this treasure hunt. So back I go searching.

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