Friday, December 10, 2010

Westboro Baptist Fred Phelps

Hey Fred! I humbly suggest you re-read that bible of yours. Rumor has it that you or some of your followers are about to bring a protest to the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards. According to the bible I read you are dead wrong in doing that. For decades you have made some pretty strong comments about certain lifestyles and the war in Iraq. Fine! You have the right to say that. Just not where you have in some instances, more specifically, at funerals. In doing that you are dead wrong. "You are speaking the word of God." you say? I ask, "Who said so?" God spoke to you? Did you get it on tape? He may possibly have spoken to you. It is totally possible. But I'd like to see the stone tablets he carved out with His commandments for you to protest in this way. That's all I ask. Show me the proof. I don't read anywhere in my bible or any other one that Fred Phelps is the spokesperson for God.

Our religious beliefs often carry us into the face of adversity. Faith brings with it a difficult road that we must travel. We have to be strong and steadfast maintain what we are asked to do. In your case I think you should step back and ask yourself just what your agenda is. It has been my experience that when someone brings so much pain to others during their most difficult times the point is not so much what God wants but what you want. Personal power over others is a driving force that has condemned many so called spiritual leaders and their followers. Going so far as to asking them all to commit suicide and other atrocities. Think about that Fred. Our soldiers families didn't deserve for you to be there, you just made things worse. Did you feel good about that?

It seems that somewhere in the bible it states that we should beware of false Prophets. Are you a false prophet Fred? Are you in this just for the glory of bringing pain to people you do not agree with? Do you really think this is what Jesus would do? Even John the Baptist, as radical as he was with his repent command, did not go to others. He only spoke to those who came to him. Preach what you want. But, keep it where you are. If someone has a funeral at your church you can berate and belittle them til your heart is content and their hearts are broken. If you have a truly good message they will come. Personally I doubt they will. Leave this funeral and all that follow alone. I think God will be plenty OK with that.

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