Sunday, September 19, 2010

Conservatives and Liberals

Controversy abounds between conservatives and liberals. Both groups consist of mostly good people but both also involve a few radicals. Both groups want what they feel is the right thing for all of us, a better life. Where they differ is just exactly what is involved in obtaining a better life. Here in the United States freedom is of primary concern to both groups. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to own property, freedom to pursue happiness, freedom from all sorts of things are a defining ingredient of American patriotism. So what's the big difference between the two groups? We're all part of the same melting pot, family environment aren't we? Here is one opinion in a nutshell.

Family usually consists of parents and children. Parents set certain rules and boundaries to maintain continuity of certain values and standards they believe are necessary to their continued survival as a family unit. The children on the other hand feel the world is changing as they grow older and they have new knowledge on just how to go about their own survival. If left to their own resources those children may get into a whole mess of trouble. The parents hold strong to their values so as to keep the children from destroying everything. The children are correct in that without change they will be left behind the rest of the world. The parents are correct in that if they embrace change without a solid reason they will be destroyed from within. Every change or lack of change has a consequence that must be taken into consideration or paid for later.

Conservatives are very much like the parents and liberals are very much like the children. Both have good ideas and both have bad ideas on just what direction to take. Sometimes the conservatives win and progress is slowed or halted in order to maintain the status quo and life remains unchanged. At other times the liberals win and progress increases at such a pace that proper boundaries are blurred to a point of anything goes. Both sides have a point. If their differences are balanced properly our advancement as a society/family advances at a tolerably desirable pace. If one side or the other has too much power the balance is destroyed and very possibly our cherished freedoms. Just like a family and it's values and way of life.

Parents and kids always have their disagreements, it's how we grow. So do liberals and conservatives. We experience that every day in a form of political tough love. That's one opinion of why it is so important that we pay attention to those things no matter which side you are on............Joe

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