Friday, May 7, 2010

History 101

I recieved a history lesson from an old freind the other day. He got to talking and I got to listening and this is what he came up with. I found it thought provoking. Although I have to admit I've never quite seen a provoked thought with my own eyes.

Accept(acceptance)-To receive or approve as adequate, satisfactory or admissible. To submit to without argument.

Tolerate(tolerance)-To put up with, a capacity for allowing or enduring an adverse condition.

Weak(weakness)-Lacking firmness, strength, definition, character, ability, will or conviction.

Collapse-To fall down or inward suddenly. Break down. To suffer a complete loss of power.

Society-A group of human beings distinguished from other groups by shared interests, behavioural characteristics and a common culture.

Almost all great societies in the past were destroyed from within. A major factor appears to be an acceptance or tolerance for deviant behavior that ran counter to the culture which built the society in the first place, weakening the infrastructure to such a degree that there was no common set of standards. They collapsed due in a great degree to a break down of structuring laws and subsequent loss of national integrity. Loose knit groups with no established set of values is destined to failure. Close knit groups or countries that fail to maintain their laws and cultural values will disintegrate from within. History has proven that time and time again. The question is this: Will the society you live in eventually tolerate itself into oblivion too?

Your children and grandchildren will know the answer............................Joe

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