Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sharing hope three/how

"Hi there! I was just happened to be passing by and couldn't help but notice, you don't have any hope! Here, I have some extra hope in my wallet and you are more than welcome to it. Have a nice day!"

Sharing hope isn't quite that easy is it? First of all, anyone that doesn't have any hope left probably isn't about to admit it. Secondly, how do we go about the business of sharing it when the person or persons we intend to share it with probably don't believe they need this ridiculous hope stuff anyway?

Sailors caught in a storm are often saved from disaster by the steady beam of a lighthouse. Lost travelers have found safety by following the stars or walking toward a tall landmark. Those lost in a desert at long last coming upon an oasis is a totally understandable depiction of hope. But in those cases the individuals concerned were well aware of what they needed. In many cases those most in need of true hope couldn't care less. If we shove it at them they will turn away. We'll be turned away like the rude, boisterous street corner preacher pushing a sign into out face reading, "The world ends tomorrow."

Hope is best shared by example. In my opinion we should be the beacon, the star, the landmark, the oasis. Not the street corner preacher. Thank you for all your help. I hope you have a wonderful day.........................Joe

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